Wednesday, 5 May 2021


In the Hatton Area has experienced some hard winters. Whether you love or hate the cold weather, it can be hard for anyone to be cooped up inside for months on end -- particularly the younger members of your family.

We know that bored children can wreck havoc on your home and your nerves, therefore Hatton Floor Sanding has put together a list of our favorite -- hardwood floor friendly -- ways to invest the coldest days of winter inside.


Among the great things about puzzles is they come in varying levels of dimensions, difficulty, and themes. You are able to find a mystery to match nearly any child, no matter their age or interests. Additionally, you can do the exact same puzzle over again, so you don't need a brand new pair of puzzles every year!

It is possible to sit down for a several hours at a time and knock out the mystery all at one time, or stretch it out over the course of a week, the decision is yours. Not to mention, puzzles will not scratch up your flooring while your kiddos are busy looking for the ideal piece.


If you've got extra sheets and blankets around the home, you've already got everything you need for this particular boredom buster. Let your children explore ways to maintain the blankets in place while they create their own mini-forts, or just one giant, living room sized you to share. If your family likes to find competitive, begin a paper plane war, seeing who can get the most to the other's fort.


Catch a balloon and then move the furniture from the walls (but be cautious and move your furniture securely ). After that, give everybody the challenge to keep the balloon off the ground for so long as they can! In case you choose to switch it up and play a more demanding balloon sport (think, soccer or baseball) you'll want to eliminate some of the lighter or smaller breakables from the region.


Great for keeping kiddos entertained and inviting creativity, coloring makes for a great indoor activity. If you don't have some coloring books on hand, ask your kids to draw a particular item or spectacle.

Just make sure they have the room to colour, without decorating your floors.


Decide on a movie with a theme it's possible to incorporate throughout the day, decorate for, or perhaps earn a dinner to match! If you are getting the family excited daily for the major occasion, not only will you have a simpler time finding suggestions to keep them amused, but the kids will also be more enthusiastic about watching the movie. (Which means you can catch your breath!)


For young children, concentrate on what they understand -- for example animals or jobs. If the entire group is old, select movies or books they like to make it a bit more challenging.


All these"family night" principles are a wonderful way to amuse, provided that you have got a bunch. Get several games out and allow your children decide which you can perform (or, which to play ). Since board games need a bit more focus and attention, you will be better off beginning after younger children have had a opportunity to burn off energy.


And put down a huge blanket for this activity. Just because you can't enjoy a sunny day in the park does not mean you can not have a picnic!

Just make sure your messy eaters have access to napkins and have a moment to sweep any messes up after they have moved on to another activity of the afternoon.


Finally, this classic game is actually better inside than outside -- you have got so a lot more places to hide! Assist younger kids produce sneaky spots, or put a time limit on the search to make the game harder for your older kiddos.

Despite all these choices for hardwood-friendly entertaining, sometimes accidents happen. If you are in need of a cleaning, or a Complete refinishing of your flooring, then give Hatton Floor Sanding A call at 020 3151 1935.